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Independent Agency for Quality Assurance in Education -

Ranking (IQAA-Ranking) announces about the beginning of the  

NATIONAL RANKING of universities-2019.


The Agency annually ranks the best universities of Kazakhstan on the quality of their education, publishing the results in the national media and on the Agency's website.

This year, the institutional rating is held for the 11th time since 2008, and the rating of bachelor's/master's degree programs is held for the 7th time since 2013. The advantages of IQAA ratings are reputation, objectivity and reliability, proven by time.

The national rating of the best universities of Kazakhstan in 2019 is multidimensional and includes 9 sub-ratings.

When calculating the National rating, three types of independent data will be used:

1) Quantitative data submitted by the University – Questionnaire No. 1 (70%);

2) Survey among experts on the Questionnaire № 2 (15%). Heads, professors of higher education institutions of the Republic, as well as students who took part in external audits of higher education institutions will be involved as experts;

3) Sociological survey on the Questionnaire №3 (15%) of representatives of central and local executive bodies, employers, companies of different levels, the public, in this Questionnaire №3 it is necessary to estimate the qualifications of graduates.

When calculating the rating of undergraduate and graduate educational programs, which include 6 sub-ratings, two types of independent data will be used:

1) Quantitative data presented by universities according to the educational program – Questionnaire №4 (80%);

2) Expert evaluation of the educational program based on the results of the Questionnaire №5 (20%), which was first included in 2019. The expert pool is determined by the Agency from among the teaching staff of universities of Kazakhstan, who participated in external audits of universities.

The following small changes have been amended this year:

1) Prizes are extended from 1 to 5 places for students-winners at international competitions, conferences and competitions (in the institutional rating and rating of educational programs);

2) the criterion "Share of innovative patents per one full-time teacher" is excluded from indicator No. 4 (in the institutional rating and rating of educational programs);

3) the criterion "Number of national (engineering) laboratories, technoparks" is excluded from Indicator No. 4 (in the institutional rating).

Universities that participated in the IQAA ranking last year, fill in the data for the last year, and the other universities must provide data for the last three years.

For verification for reliability of the Questionnaire No. 1 and No. 4 are also filled in on paper, signed by the first head of higher educational institution that confirms reliability of the provided data. The signature must be sealed by the organization.

In this regard, we ask you to check carefully the data when filling out the questionnaires, because experts will analyse carefully the materials provided by universities, and if they detect falsified data, these materials will be equal to zero.

The Board of Trustees for ratings operating under the Agency will approve the results of the ratings. The methodology and necessary materials of the rating are available on the Agency's website.

We bring to your attention that the ratings of universities and educational programs are carried out on a fee basis with the conclusion of the contract

Instructions for filling in the Questionnaires No. 1 and No. 4 in the electronic form as well as with a username and password to log on to the website will be provided on request by e-mail only to universities, which took the decision to participate in the National ranking of the best universities in 2019.

Application and Contract for Rating-2019 is accepted by e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  

Materials on the ranking (completed application form and supporting documents) are accepted until February 25, 2019 by e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., they should also be sent to the Agency on a CD.

1.      Brief information on the methodology of The national ranking of the best universities of Kazakhstan;
2.      Questionnaire No. 1 for the institutional ranking of HEIs with annexes;
3.      Questionnaire No. 4 for the rating of educational programs with annexes;
4.      The scores to the Questionnaire No. 1;
5.      The scores to the Questionnaire No. 4.

Phone numbers for inquiries: 8 (7172) 27-77-49, 48-19-52.  

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