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Sholpan Kalanova-President of the Independent Agency for quality assurance in education-rating, Professor


Since 2008, for the twelfth year in a row, the Independent Agency for Quality Assurance in Education - Rating (IQAA-Ranking) publishes the results of the ranking of the best higher educational institutions in Kazakhstan, which is based on international standards for ranking higher educational institutions. 

President of the country Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, speaking at the third meeting of the National Council of Public Trust, on May 27, 2020, stressed the need to develop competition between universities. One of the tools for the development of competition is the conduct of ratings of universities and their educational programs, which have won their popularity both here in Kazakhstan and abroad.

The objectives of the rating research conducted by IQAA-Ranking employees are to answer the following questions: 

  • providing the public with information for decision-making (applicants and their parents; politicians; foundations; employers; international organizations);
  • assistance in the development of competition between higher education institutions;
  • stimulating universities to improve their activities, this applies to the effectiveness of teaching, research work, international exchanges, the quality of the work of the teaching staff;
  • assessment of the activities of universities by employers, experts, students and graduates..

The research methodology developed by the Agency for the multidimensional National Ranking of Universities is scientifically substantiated and approved by international experts in the field of higher education at the conferences of the International Observatory on Academic Rankings and Excellence (IREG) in Shanghai and Bratislava, was published in the scientific journals "Higher Education in Europe" (London) and "Journal of Higher Education" (Shanghai), reviewed in the book "Rankings and Transformation of Higher Education" (Ireland) by the renowned expert on higher education, Professor E. Heiselkorn.  

This year, it differs from previous studies, where the multidimensional rating included ten different sub-ratings: consisting of 6 indicators (indicator 1 - diversity of the student population; indicator 2 - student learning outcomes; indicator 3 - academic staff; indicator 4 - research and development and innovative work; indicator 5 - international cooperation; indicator 6 - information support) additional indicator 7 is included - the results of employment of graduates.

In addition to the reputation assessments by experts and employers, additional indicators are included this year, these are the assessments of students who are studying at that moment at the university and assessments of graduates of educational institutions, therefore, three new parameters have been added to this study.

The methodology includes an assessment of the university's activities both according to data provided by universities and obtained from independent sources based on statistical information and indicators, for more information, see the website here. The academic indicators of universities are 80% of the total amount of 100%, including the employment of graduates. 20% of the total amount falls on the reputation assessment of universities by Kazakhstan and foreign experts in the field of higher education, the reputation assessment of employers, the assessment of the university by its graduates and students. Each assessment accounts for 5% of the total. More details on the methodology and distribution of weight percentages by indicators and criteria can be found on the Agency's website. The results of the National Ranking 2020 will be additionally published in electronic form on the website

The results of the institutional National rating of the best universities in Kazakhstan were approved by the Rating Council, headed by the Chairman of the IQAA Board of Trustees, Professor Zh.A. Kulekeyev. 

Compiling the National Ranking of the Best Universities, the Agency, together with universities and stakeholders, collected and analyzed a huge array of information to help applicants in choosing "their university", and employers, government agencies and all interested parties will be able to find relevant information on the submitted sub-ratings on the Agency website..

For Kazakhstani applicants, it is important not only to get a good education, to choose the right university in order to realize their dreams, but it is important during the training period to form as individuals, to get the opportunity to communicate with interesting people, to meet with professionals with whom you will continue to meet in life!

The full version of the article can be found in the Kazakhstanskaya Pravda newspaper in the May 29, 2020.