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Institutional Ranking Methodology


An institutional rating methodology is based on three components: the first component (Questionnaire No. 1) is the evaluation of academic resources quality of the university, which accounts for 70% of the total points number; the second component (Questionnaire No. 2) is an expert assessment of the HEI's activities quality (15%); the third component (Questionnaire No. 3) is an assessment of the activities of universities based on a sociological survey of employers and state bodies (15%).

Questionnaire 1 includes 70 weight percent (the maximum score that a university can get is 700 points); it reflects the academic activity of the university. HEIs provide the data to the agency, which are rechecked by different methods; part of the information is requested by the IQAA from sources other than the university.

The distribution of scores (weight percent) by indicators and criteria

Questionnaire No. 2 - represents a weighted average reputational assessment of universities by experts, includes 15 weight percent (150 points - the maximum score that a university can gain). The expert pool is determined by the Agency.

Evaluation methodology

Questionnaire № 3 – is the questionnaire of employers, which determines the prestige of the institution among employers, including state and regional bodies, it is reputational. This is 15 weight percent (150 points are the maximum score that a university can get).